Potato French Fry Fruit Vegetable Slicer with 4 Blades


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This French fry cutter allows you to create fresh cuts in your own kitchen that rivals the quality of restaurants.   Its has four interchangeable sharp blades that allows you to create thick thin wedged cuts without any hassle. It not just cut potatoes but vegetable and fruits as well. The product has an extra long lever that allows the maximum strength power with minimum effort. This is an ideal tool for people trying to control their portion and like to prep their own meals.   If you are looking such product don’t hesitate to buy it!   Brand new and durable Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy steel anti-corrosion 3 stainless steel blades aluminum alloy knife rest Blade sizes: 1/4″ 1/2″ 3/8″ and 4th blade for slicing oranges and apples (8-cut) Ergonomic handle for less strain It has sturdy legs and more stable when mounting the cutter on any flat surface Does not take up much space on your countertop or kitchen Extra long lever for maximum push with minimum effort A perfect cutting tool that can slice fruits and vegetables such as turnips yams apples sweet potatoes carrots and more. A good helper for restaurant canteen and families to prepare French fries and potato chips food Easy to install Easy to clean

Ideal for commercial or home use Heavy duty cast iron body Stainless steel cutting frames and pushing blocks Blade sizes: 1/4″ 1/2″ 3/8″ and 4th blade for slicing oranges and apples (8-cut) Dimension: 14.96″ x 7.68″ x 9.45″ / 380 x 195 x 240mm Material: Stainless steel and aluminum alloy steel Weight: 11 lbs