Portable Built-In Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker


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This beautiful stainless steel free standing or built in application ice machine produces up to 110 lbs of clear hard cube shaped ice per day.   Its capacity can reach 33 lbs and has a 12 to 18 min ice making cycle. It is the perfect option for any home scenario. This ice maker features completely automatic operation and makes clear bullet shaped ice. Enjoy free-standing recessed or built-in application of the machine.   It will help you a lot. Don’t hesitate to buy it! 100% brand new and high quality Stainless steel construction Free standing or built in application Bin capacity of 33 lbs Production of 110 lbs per 24 hours 12 to18 min ice making cycle 48 cube number per cycle Water usage rate up to 99%

Material: Stainless steel + iron painting Ambient temperature: 10-43℃ Ambient humidity: ≦90% Ice making power: 200 W Power supply: 120 V/60 Hz Ice making capacity: 110 lbs/24h Ice storage capacity: 33 lbs Ice shape: Ice cube 0.9″ x 0.9″ x 0.9″ Refrigerant: R134A Foaming: C5h10 Climate type: Sn/n/st/t Unit dimension: 19″ x 16″ x 31″ Ice time: 12-18 min Package included: 1 x Ice maker 1 x Ice container 1 x Hose