Pink Electric Cotton Candy Machine


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This candy floss machine takes sugar as main material it can produce more colors’ and a variety of tastes’ cotton candy when you add some special flavors.   This cotton candy machine has extremely glossy surface which is easy to clean with a damp cloth. It works continually and comes with ON-OFF switch. It can heat rapidly with the heating plate and yield one cotton candy cone per 30 seconds. Power is stable and it saves electricity when making cotton candy.   The fuse voltage control device voltage monitor and electric leakage protection switch are built in for safe use. Large size drawer with three grids are equipped for storage. What’s more it also features music and small lantern function.   This cotton candy machine is ideal for birthdays weddings new years eve or whenever you fancy a tasty treat. Bring fun for the whole family with this cotton floss machine. Buy yours now!    Brand new and high quality On-off power button switch very convenient Built in fuse for safe use Voltage control device and voltage monitor Rapidly heats with the heating plate yields one cotton candy cone per 30 seconds Power stabilization save electricity when making cotton candy Large size drawer with three grids for storage Extremely glossy surface easy to clean with a damp cloth Equipped with music and small lantern function Built in electric leakage protection switch Good taste as sweet snow  

Color: Pink Material: Disc: 201 Chassis: A3 iron Drawer :430 Sugar head: Copper Product size: 20.5″ x 20.5″ x 17.1″ Net weight: 28.6 lbs Heating power: 1000 W Motor power: 80 W Voltage: 110 V Frequency: 60 Hz Output: 4-6 pcs / min Package Includes: 1 x cotton candy machine 1 x instruction