Freestanding Electric Shoe Dryer with 8 Hooks


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The freestanding electric shoe dryer can be used on all types of shoes boots gloves hats and accessories and anything damp cold or musty.   This dryer lets warm air rise naturally inside your wet items to dry them. Reaches those hard to get places where wet can hide safe quiet warm even airflow reaches the toes of boots and finger tips of gloves and mittens. Removes damp sweaty smelly perspiration and bacteria overnight. Safe simple and cost-effective. Just plug it in and let the warm dry air circulate overnight.   Don’t hesitate to add it to your cart!   Dries dehumidifies and sanitizes. In just a couple of hours (3-4) this will completely dry your shoe boot or glove (Very wet shoes will take longer) Silent and efficient. Quiet operation and low energy consumption make this a perfect fit for any home Fits 4 pair of shoes. Four sections for multiple items. You can easily fit 4 pairs of shoes or 2 shoes and 2 helmets etc. etc Freestanding. Place it anywhere in your house cabin mud room etc. for a low-profile and efficient solution to store shoes UL certified

Voltage: 120 V 60 HZ  Power: 60 W  Temperature reaches 122°-131° Fahrenheit Drying time: Normally 3-4 hours depending on how wet the shoes are Warming time: 20 minutes Product Weight: 6 lbs Product Dimension: 20.5″L x 13.5″W