7-Tier Flower Wood Stand Plant Display Rack Storage Shelf


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This wood flower rack is made of solid wood which is durable and eco-friendly.   Want to add some fresh green plants to the living room? This wood flower rack is made of solid wood which is durable and eco-friendly. The carbonized surface not only makes the shelf harder but also makes the surface more uniform. This treatment also absorbs impurities from the air making it an excellent partner for plants. Not only that insects don’t like it and it has a unique smell. The structure of the 7 layers allows you to place lots of different sizes. The hollow design not only increases the breathability of plants but also allows excess water to flow down thus saving water. It has rounded edges to protect you from injury and also has a handle for your convenience. Its irregular patterns and asymmetric structure give it a unique shape and you can put it in your living room for all kinds of items. Spray paint on surfaces can be waterproof so you can put it outside.   This wooden plant stand is definitely unique and practical accessory to light up the room! Don’t hesitate to buy it!   The rack is made of natural solid wood which is environment friendly and durable 7-tier wood shelf provides large spaces for plants to grow in flower pots of all sizes Hallow design can increases the circulation of air and ensures breathability of the plants Water comes out of the bottom of the pot to automatically water the plants below Carbonization of the surface increases the deformation resistance of the flower stand Carbonization can absorb impurities in the air and give off a unique fragrance Its rounded edge design and handle design give you more convenience Its irregular wood grain and asymmetric structure give it a unique shape The surface of rack is painted with waterproof water-based paint It is multi-functional and can suitable for many occasions

Color: Carbon baking Main material: Solid wood Overall size: 47.5″ x 10″ x 47.5″ (L x W x H) Net weight: 12 lbs Each layer loads: 22 lbs Interval height: 7″ 12.5″ 13″ 14.5″ 18″ Package includes: 1 x 7-Tier flower wood rack 1 x Instructions