5-Tier Wood Shoe Rack Freestanding Large Shoe Storage Organizer


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This shoe rack could effectively keep your shoes in order instead of leaving your entrance in a mess. It uses Acacia wood and screw connection to ensure that it has good support and stability.   5 shelves design and eight metal hooks provide enough space to store your shoes and other items. Slat design enhances air ventilation and allows the sun to reach all shoes on each level. Smooth corners and sunken screws provide great comfort while eliminating damage caused by scratches or bumps. The modern appearance and design of shoe racks will never be out of date and can perfectly match various decorative styles. It can be used not only to store shoes but also to store other things as bookshelves or plant shelves.    If you are looking for a shoe like this don’t hesitate to buy it!   Strong acacia wood structure allows it to enjoy great weight capacity Smooth surfaces and corners prevent from bumping and injuring Removable shelves give you option to choose reasonable height Eight metal hooks on both sides can be used to suspend high heels The capacity of the five-storey can meet the storage needs of a family The top handle design provides convenience for the mobile shoe rack It is suitable for corridors living rooms bedrooms bathrooms and gardens

Color: Wood Net weight: 15.5 lbs Overall dimension: 33″ x 10″ x 32″ (L x W x H) Material: Acacia wood + metal Each layer weight capacity: 180 lbs Wood humidity: <14% Package includes: 1 x Shoe shelf 1 x Instruction