4 Blades Fireplace Stove Fan Fuel Saving Eco USB


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This is a stove fan which is enough to blow the hot air to the whole room although it is not with so much air volume like the electric one.   It can work off the heat produced by your fireplace or wood-burning stove. The hotter the fire the faster the blades turn. Therefore more warm air gets dispersed throughout your house! And you can say good-bye to the loud noise of electric forced-air fans! You won’t even know the fan is there but you’ll feel warm all the time. The most important is USB cord can be attached to the fan and your laptop computer to cool down the heat and also can be used as a small fan multi-functional!   If you are looking for such a stove fan please don’t hesitate to buy one!   High quality and brand new Save energy and money Self-starting and self-regulating Efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room High speed rotation for perfect optimization Made from anodized aluminum which will not rust or corrode Perfect blade size and ergonomic design for circulating air throughout the room Durable and easy to maintain An added plus is the micro USB cord that is included Whisper quiet and no assembly needed

Color: Black Materials: Aluminum  Starting temperature: 158°F Working temperature: 149-662°F Overall dimensions: 6.5″ x 3.0″ x 9.0″ (L x W x H) Net weight: 1.5 lbs