1300 W Electric Floor Carpet Cleaning Steam Mop


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This steam mop is stylish with versatile use which is ready in just 30 seconds.   This can clean up anywhere you want. The steam mop utilizes steam to remove tough grease dirt and grime. You can clean your tile hardwood linoleum and vinyl floors. Steam is nature’s purest and most powerful cleaner for safely cleaning all hard floor surfaces in your home without harsh chemicals thus being perfectly ecological.   This steam mop will be a great helper on your housework. Don’t hesitate to buy it!   Brand new and high quality  With steam control dial to control the quantity of steam  Eliminates rinsing wringing carrying buckets of water and redistributing the dirt on the door Powerful steam dries quickly unlike traditional mopping. Uses powerful steam for superior cleaning and sanitizing Durable triple layer micro-fiber cleaning pad loosens lifts and looks in dirt just toss in the washing machine when done Use plain tap water or distilled water. Leaves no chemical residue behind Comfortable design makes it easy to maneuver without physical strain Steam is ready in just 30 seconds Low steam perfect for varnished/laminate hardwood flooring; delicate fabrics; wood cabinetry Medium steam perfect for most flooring (sealed marble stone & ceramic vinyl etc. );countertops; bath and kitchen fixtures; most routine cleaning tasks  High steam perfect for flooring in high-traffic areas ;tough grime and stains (stuck-on grease etc. );heavy linens and fabrics High setting not recommended for hardwood floors Assembly requirement

Color: Black Voltage: 120 V  Frequency: 60 Hz  Power :1300W Weight: 6.5 lbs  capacity:12.5 oz Package includes:  1 x Steam mop 1 x Washable microfiber triple action pad 1 x Vertical brush 1 x Small Round Brush 1 x Squeegee 1 x Fabric steamer 1 x Jet nozzle 1 x Utility head for squeegee and fabric steamer 1 x Instruction